This National Puppy Day, Puppies Still Need Your Help

This National Puppy Day, Puppies Still Need Your Help

Today is National Puppy Day! If you’re lucky enough to have a pup—of any age—we know you already appreciate them, but today’s a great day to ponder their importance in your life and give them some extra love.

Because the bond between humans and dogs is so unique and beautiful, it’s often said that “we don’t deserve dogs.” If that sentiment rings true for you, we know you’d want to help ensure that all dogs are able to live their very best lives. That’s why the ASPCA fights so hard to take down the systems that enable cruel puppy mills to exist.

If you don’t know, a puppy mill is a commercial business that keeps adult dogs in confinement and forces them to make as many puppies as possible as quickly and cheaply as possible, like a factory. Puppy mills do not allow regular people to visit—the conditions would horrify any dog-lover, so they’re only able to exist by staying hidden from public view. They sell their puppies offsite and online, and are the people who supply pups to retail pet stores around the country through a pipeline of brokers and middlemen.

But there’s something you can do about this—especially if you live in New York or Florida!

If you don’t live in New York or Florida, you can still help: Every American can and should urge the U.S. Department of Agriculture to do a better job of overseeing commercial puppy breeders. To get involved in honor of National Puppy Day, sign our petition today.

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