These Sisters Are Ready to Find a New Home Together!

These Sisters Are Ready to Find a New Home Together!

Feather and Spot are shy girls who can be nervous in new places and with new people. However, since they came to our Los Angeles foster program in November 2020, their foster caregiver has worked closely with our staff to show Feather and Spot that life with humans isn’t so bad!

Both Feather and Spot adore playing with other kitties, but especially playing around with one another. So much so, that when Feather isn’t around, Spot will meow for her and Feather will answer–how cute is that?

Since Feather and Spot are both a bit shy, they would do best in a quiet home with a patient adopter who is willing to give them time to adjust to their new environment. These sisters are also best friends and couldn’t imagine life without each other, so they must go home together. If this dynamic duo sounds like double the fun to you, please fill out our online adoption survey!

Feather, left, and Spot, right.SpotFeather

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