These Five Senior Kitties Need Your Help Finding Loving Homes!

These Five Senior Kitties Need Your Help Finding Loving Homes!


Calling all senior kitty lovers! We have five adorable senior cats looking for homes to live their golden years in! 

June is Adopt A Shelter Cat Month and we’re celebrating senior shelter cats all month long! Just like a fine wine, these cats are only getting better with age. In fact, adopting a senior cat has quite a few advantages compared to their younger counterparts. 

For example, senior cats are fully grown into their personalities, so you can find traits that match just what you’re looking for! Plus, these senior kitties have likely grown out of childish behavior like teething or destructive behavior. 

It’s our pleasure to introduce you to these five sweet adoptable senior kitties who know that age is nothing but a number! 

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Smokey can be a bit nervous around new people and in new places, but once he’s comfortable, you’ve got quite the lovely kitty on your hands! At the Adoption Center, Smokey has loved lounging in his carrier, snoozing the day away and rolling around in catnip. This social kitty loves toys but there’s something he loves even more—food! This guy really, really loves tuna and treats! 

Smokey is looking for a family who’s willing to take things slow with him. He can be pretty nervous so he would prefer a home with adults over kids. 


Moby is the kind of kitty who will always keep you on your toes! At the shelter, he is constantly asking for attention, running over to and rubbing all over anyone in the room. This talkative guy likes when you mix up your time with him using different toys, snacks and scratches, so you’ll always be busy with Moby! 

Moby wants to be the king of the castle in his new home and would love a family who’s ready to continue providing him with his special diet—which our veterinarians can tell you all about! 


Described by her previous family as, “a mellow cat that likes to just hang out,” if you’re the kind of person who just likes to just chill, golden girl Kiki is the gal for you! Kiki may take some time to warm up to new people, but once she realizes you’re friends, this adorable girl will trot right on over to you for pets, rubbing on anything and everything to show you how much she loves it. 

Kiki’s new family should know that she has some medical needs including a special diet and visual impairment, but our staff would be happy to tell you all about it! Kiki does well with some children and other cats but isn’t a big fan of dogs. 


Fraiser is the happiest, sweetest boy who’s always purring! According to his foster, “Fraiser is active and likes to play.” He’s always ready to play with fake mice, stuffed animals, catnip toys and most of all, springs.

When he’s not playing around, he’s resting up on the windowsill watching “cat TV.” During the day he can be found chilling in boxes and bags but at night, Fraiser is all but guaranteed to be snuggling up with you. He “has his limits” with petting but you can sneak in a few scratches while he’s near and hear his little purr motor. 

Fraiser would make a great fit for many types of families. He does have a few medical needs that our staff would be happy to speak about.   


If you’re looking for a lap cat, oh boy, do we have the kitty for you! Shaney is an affectionate, friendly girl who loves to be pet, scratched and doesn’t mind being picked up either! When she’s not seeking attention or playing with toys, Shaney loves to curl up in a dark, cozy spot like a pile of laundry. She has been described as a mellow, well-behaved cat, so if a gentle sweetheart is what you want, Shaney is your girl. 

Shaney’s new family should know that she has some medical needs, including a special diet, that our staff would be happy to tell you all about. 

If you are interested in learning more or want to make any of these senior kitties your new BFF, check out their full profiles. And even if you’re not ready to take home a cat today, please tell your friends and family that Smokey, Moby, Kiki, Fraiser and Shaney are looking for homes! 

Already have a senior cat at home? We want to hear from shelters and cat parents about their “senior tails” and how older kitties have brought joy to their lives! Learn more! 


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