These ASPCA Pets Have Become Pros at Working from Home!

These ASPCA Pets Have Become Pros at Working from Home!

Friday, June 25, is Take Your Pet to Work Day! Although many of us, including lots of ASPCA staff, are still working from home, we’re all pretty thankful to have our furry friends by our side—even if they are sleeping on the job!

Take a look at some of our paw-some coworkers “helping” out their humans at home!

On her first day on the job, Stella Blue quickly learned how to add “walk” and “playtime” to the calendar!

Murdock has ditched her post as Assistant Editor and instead has taken up a new job—reminding her dad that it’s time for pets!

Frankie, Mr. Smee, Romeo and Thelma are all very serious about their managerial roles, always keeping a birds-eye-view on their mom’s work.

Cob couldn’t care less about what his feathered siblings are doing, he preferred life when everyone went into work.

Baloo is not a fan of early morning calls, especially when he is the only one to dress appropriately.

Blanche and Sanford have memorized everyone’s coffee orders for their daily coffee runs, plus a pupcup for all the canine coworkers!

Remy and Scoop are hard at work brainstorming for a new blog for the website—“What Guinea Pigs Really Do When You’re At Work.”

Meanwhile, Harley has mastered the art of taking business calls from bed. It’s all about that work-life balance!

Rufus doesn’t understand why his dad keeps taking pictures of him when he should really be getting back to work. 

Claire and Ad Hoc have started showing off their strong suits—modeling for ASPCA gear!

Kiera takes her job as Executive Assistant very seriously. No one takes notes better than her!

Barbie is pretty new to this whole “work” thing, but she’s quite the quick learner, she’s even teaching her mom some tricks! As for her brother, Fin, he much prefers his break which, as far as he’s concerned, is most of the workday.

Mikey has been struggling to catch up with his email, he’s been reading Happy Tails every day instead.


And Lena is getting really tired of Zoom® calls, she would much prefer to see her furry friends in the office. Maybe next year!

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