Miracles on 92 Street: ASPCA Adoption Center Makes History Helping Homeless Animals

Miracles on 92 Street: ASPCA Adoption Center Makes History Helping Homeless Animals


For the ASPCA, 2017 certainly proved to be a whirlwind year. Between multiple natural disasters, cruelty cases and relocation efforts nationwide, supporters like you helped us step up in new ways to improve the lives of animals. With your help, we saw monumental successes across the organization in 2017. And we’d like to share some of the incredible outcomes you helped make possible—as we broke our previous record for finding new homes for animals in need.  

The ASPCA Adoption Center on 92nd street in New York City helped find safe and loving homes for 4,756 animals in 2017—a record-breaking number in comparison to previous years. We are thrilled to have given so many animals a new start and a second chance over the past year, and as we move into 2018 we hope to create even more happy endings. 

In honor of the Adoption Center’s monumental year, we want to take a moment to highlight some of our most memorable adoption stories of 2017. Enjoy! 

Jupiter and Skylar

When Jupiter came to the Adoption Center, he quickly showed his high-energy level and a very active play style. His behavioral quirks made it hard to find the right match for the spunky cat until he met Skylar, another Adoption Center resident, who soon bonded with Jupiter. Thanks to the patience and care of the Adoption Center staff, the dynamic duo soon found the right adopter and now live their best lives in a loving home.  


After being brought to the ASPCA as a stray, one-month-old Butterfinger was diagnosed with a neurological disorder that affects motor skills, causes difficulties with coordination and makes seemingly easy tasks for a kitten, like walking or eating, more difficult. Luckily, this disease is not progressive, and after he spent some time gaining his strength in the ASPCA Foster Program, Butterfinger found a loving home with an adopter who felt as if she and the small kitten were meant for each other. “I’m studying Neuroscience, so I immediately thought he was a good fit for me since he has a neurological condition,” Butterfinger’s adopter Gillian says. “I really thought that I could understand him better than other people might.” 

“Papa” John

John’s story began with ASPCA Veterinary Technician and long-time cat foster, Jennifer Loftin, nursing the six-month-old cat back to health following an upper respiratory infection. As Jennifer and her husband began to bond with John, they noticed his sweet, affectionate and paternal care toward the incoming foster kittens. Now, Papa John is a stable member of the Loftin family, and he acts as a caregiver and “father figure” to everyone he meets! 


Blake first came to the ASPCA after being brought in by the NYPD with a severely injured hind leg. Blake’s injury forced our veterinarians to make the difficult decision to amputate his leg to prevent further pain and discomfort. The small-but-mighty Yorkshire Terrier-mix then spent close to two months recovering before he was able to begin his search for a loving home, but in that time, nothing seemed to affect the sweet dog’s spirit. It wasn’t long before the right adopter came along and gave Blake the home he’d been waiting for. 


Juice was brought into the ASPCA by the NYPD after being found abandoned on a construction lot. The ailing dog was underweight and suffering from a skin condition along with unidentified bite wounds on his body. The sweet pit bull then spent the next six months with us, healing and waiting for the right adopter to give him a chance. Luckily, that adopter wasn’t far at all. Gemar M. was working a summer job at the Adoption Center and saw potential adopters bypass Juice every day. In June 2017, Gemar realized that he could be the one to give Juice the home he needed. The two are now inseparable, and Juice’s story speaks to so many pit bulls, who are just waiting to be seen as the beloved pets they truly are. 

Miss Bossy

Beginning in January 2015, the ASPCA assisted in the rescue of 340 rabbits from a property in the neighborhood of Gowanus, located in Brooklyn, New York. Many of these rabbits required extensive care from the ASPCA and several other animal rescues and partners. One of these rabbits was Miss Bossy, an orange-and-white bunny who hopped into the heart of ASPCA volunteer, Robyn. Robyn adopted Miss Bossy just in time for Easter 2017, and the pair live together happily with Robyn’s cat, Penny. 


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