How Are Horses Similar to Dogs and Cats?

How Are Horses Similar to Dogs and Cats?


It’s Adopt a Horse Month and we’ll be celebrating horses and equine adoption all May long! And while we’d be neigh-gligent if we didn’t acknowledge that there are a ton of Clydesdale-sized differences between the species, there are also some amazing similarities between horses and your cats and dogs! Keep scrolling to see some of the ways our larger four-legged companions are just like their much smaller counterparts. 

They love gentle cuddles with their humans. 

They play with toys.

Horses have their own version of zoomies.

Some horses even go on walks around the NEIGHborhood! 

They love a good long grooming session.

They’ll do anything for a yummy treat.

They are all-in on fun adventures. 

Horses give big sloppy kisses to their favorite people!

With proper training, they can become wonderful therapy animals.

They also know how to have a good time.

Horses love to play in the snow just like our canine friends! 

And they love to hang out (and smooch) with their other equine buddies!

Just like cats and dogs, horses are looking for adopters to love them for who they are, treat them with kindness and compassion and give them homes to thrive in. To find out more about horse adoption and see some adorable horses in need of loving homes, visit our Adopt a Horse Month page! 


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