Fray and Harvey Prove That Two Is Better Than One!

Fray and Harvey Prove That Two Is Better Than One!

Two is always better than one, and senior cats Fray and Harvey can certainly attest to that! These brothers are looking for a home together where they can live out their golden years. 

Fray is a friendly boy who is playful, curious and a bit mischievous—he definitely seems much younger than his age. He can be a little shy when meeting new people but comes around quickly, especially if treats are involved! He loves to play with toys, scratch on cardboard scratchers and sit next to his people while watching TV. Fray has been diagnosed with mild regenerative anemia and early Stage 2 chronic kidney disease, but this is not unusual for a cat his age and is manageable in his new home. 

Harvey is the quieter of the duo, much preferring to be pet or brushed than chatting it up. This sweet boy wants to be next to his people most of the time, even sleeping with them at night. When it gets cold, he will even tap you to let him under the covers! 

If Fray and Harvey sound like your kind of guys, please fill out our online adoption survey!

Fray, left, Harvey, right.



Fray, left and Harvey, right lounging around. 

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