EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS of ASPCA Efforts Following Hurricane Harvey’s Destruction

EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS of ASPCA Efforts Following Hurricane Harvey’s Destruction

The ASPCA Disaster Response team is still on the ground in Texas, where we continue to assist animals that have been displaced by the powerful storm. Over the past week, the ASPCA has been working tirelessly in our efforts to relocate shelter animals, move supplies, rescue and shelter displaced pets, and provide other resources where they’re needed most. While we continue to do so, we want to share with you some photos taken of our deployment during this devastating natural disaster. 

The ASPCA disaster response team takes boats around flooded suburban areas to search for any animals who may have been left behind in the storm.
ASPCA responders are equipped with water-rescue attire, as they tread through thigh-high waters. 
Homes are searched for pets who may have been left for up to a week, waiting for help to arrive. 
Responders carefully navigate through a home that has been devastated by the storm, looking for a family pet.
One responder gently tries to coax out a scared cat. 
Dogs, cats, birds and horses are among the animals the ASPCA has brought to safety.
Little Bit’s pet parent, Kelly, emotionally thanks responders for saving her beloved pet. 
Another pet parent has a tearful reunion with her cat at the ASPCA emergency shelter.

Here are some of the faces rescued from Hurricane Harvey that remind us why we continue to protect animals not just during trying times, but year-roud: 

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