Dogs Rescued From Hoarding Situations Need Loving Homes

Dogs Rescued From Hoarding Situations Need Loving Homes

Rescued from hoarding situations, these four incredibly resilient dogs made significant progress while in the care of the ASPCA and are now ready to find loving homes. Help us spread the word and get Peace, Freedom, Keith and Kazoo adopted today! All are available for adoption at Rescue Village in Russell Township, Ohio.

Life Before the Rescue

Peace, Freedom and Keith were found among more than 70 dogs found living in a dark barn in Tennessee for most of their lives. These dogs had little to no interaction with people, rarely saw sunlight and lacked fresh drinking water and food when they were rescued by The Grateful Dog, a partner rescue group of the ASPCA. Kazoo was also rescued from a hoarding situation in Oklahoma by the Humane Society of Tulsa. Many dogs rescued from neglect and overcrowded living situations are left emotionally scarred and extremely fearful—Peace, Freedom, Keith and Kazoo were no exception. 

Following their rescues, our incredible staff at the ASPCA Behavioral Rehabilitation Center helped these animals adjust to life outside of barn walls, helped them learn that humans aren’t so scary after all and the joys that treats, toys and playtime outside can bring. Now, each of these four dogs is looking for a loving home with adopters who will be patient and understanding of their sensitive pasts and provide them with the comforts of life as a beloved pet.


Just as her name implies, Peace is a calm, gentle soul looking to bring some tranquility to your life. She is around five to seven years old and she’s a laid-back lady who loves her best friends as unconditionally as they love her. She enjoys being pet, especially along her neck, playing with food-stuffed toys, learning new things and snuggling in a comfy spot for an afternoon nap. Because new people and things can still be scary to Peace, she would do best in a quiet home with another confident dog who can help her flourish. Peace is most at ease with canine friends and you’ll find that her personality really shines when she can romp, play and relax with another pup. 


Freedom can’t wait to find a loving home where she can enjoy her newfound liberty after life in a barn. She’s around five to seven years old and is a low-key girl who enjoys going for walks outside and lounging on a comfy blanket. Freedom has learned to build relationships with familiar people, but she’s still nervous about meeting new humans. A few of her favorite things are back scratches from her best friends, cheese and hot dogs. Freedom likes to hang out with other mellow dogs and would do best in a family with another dog friend. This pup needs adopters who will be patient and encouraging as she continues to come out of her shell. Freedom can be shy but is a sweet and loving girl ready to settle down in a welcoming home. 


This handsome gentleman is ready for his next adventure. Keith is also around five to seven years old  and loves squeaky toys, delicious treats and his best friends. He’s made a lot of progress at the ASPCA but he’s still very shy. Once Keith gets to know familiar faces, he enjoys gentle petting and will show his playful side. He likes playing with other dogs and would blossom in a home with another friendly canine companion. Keith is looking for a kind, patient adopter who can help him continue to learn about new sights, sounds and places.  


Kazoo is a curious, playful, three-year-old pup who has grown tremendously since he was rescued. He enjoys going for walks in calm areas where he can sniff and explore, and in an enclosed fenced in area, Kazoo will show you how fast he is. He loves all sorts of food and offering him a tasty treat will help him get acclimated to unfamiliar people. This smart dog likes learning new things especially when he’s rewarded and enjoys the comforts of a soft bed. He is a fan of gentle petting from his best friends. Kazoo will thrive in a calm, quiet home with adopters who understand he needs time to get to know new people. He can join a home with another dog who can help him continue to learn to trust new humans. 

If you are interested in adopting Peace, Freedom, Keith or Kazoo please contact Rescue Village in Russell Township, Ohio. Even if you can’t adopt today, help these dogs by sharing this post on your social media channels with your family and friends!

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