Chief Needs a Home! | ASPCA

Chief Needs a Home! | ASPCA

Want to help a well deserving dog live his best life? Meet Chief! Described by his previous family as “a big teddy bear,” Chief hasn’t really been a fan of the shelter. We want nothing more than to get him into a home where he can let that teddy bear side shine, and we’re calling on you to help!

Chief loves to play, he’s always ready to romp around and chase tennis balls. But the one thing he loves more than playtime is his people! Even though he’s a big dude, Chief believes he’s a lap dog and will plop right into anyone and everyone’s lap.

Chief can get stressed and anxious sometimes. At the shelter, he has been seen pacing, panting and having trouble settling in. He also doesn’t like being left alone. So, a new family who’s dedicated to helping Chief feel safe, happy and loved, especially during the first few weeks is key.

Chief would love a family who understands that the adjustment period is worth it for this teddy bear. Sometimes, this big boy forgets just how big he is, so a home with teens and up would be best. He would also love to be king of the castle, so no other dogs please. 

If Chief sounds like the dog for you, check out his profile! Not ready to take on a dog just yet but still want to help? Let your friends and family know that Chief urgently needs a home! 

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