Break Out the Leash, It’s National Take a Hike Day!

Break Out the Leash, It’s National Take a Hike Day!

Happy National Take a Hike Day! Today, take some time to get outside with your furry friend for some fresh air. In most regions of the country, fall brings perfect weather for hiking. Whether you opt for a walk around the block or a four-mile hike, put on a warm coat and a hat and get out there!  

Pets come in all shapes and sizes so be sure to gauge the appropriate length hike for your four-legged friend before you set off. Here are some of these adorable dogs’ favorite things about hikes! 

“I like it when I walk right next to my dad! Who doesn’t love quality time?”

“I really enjoy stopping at the bridge for some quality conversation with Mom.”

“Being a West Coast pup, I love getting my paws sandy and strolling on the beach.”

“I love it when we walk by the bridge, I’m a sucker for some good architecture!”

“My favorite part is when my dad stops to give me scratches!”

“I like feeling that fall breeze against my face while walking with my favorite humans!”

“I really like the whole hike but taking a second to rest and take in the view is my favorite part!”

“I like to lead the pack and protect my family from anything in the woods.” 

There’s only one way to find out what your pet’s favorite thing to do on a hike is—go for a hike! And what better day to do it than on National Take a Hike Day!

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