Best Dog Food for Diabetic Dog: Reviews & Top Picks!

Best Dog Food for Diabetic Dog: Reviews & Top Picks!

Nutrisca Grain-Free dog food is specifically formulated without grains, potatoes, or tapioca, because the brand knows these don’t always align with a dog’s natural diet. The brand is known for its natural ingredients, especially its real animal protein content.

Nutrisca Grain-Free keeps the carb and fat content low, while adding in super healthy, antioxidant rich ingredients, like apples, blueberries, cranberries, and salmon oil. It also includes chelated minerals for better absorption in the body.

Its protein and fiber content, 32% and 7%, respectively, are among the highest of some of the best dog foods. Additionally, Nutrisca offers one of the lowest prices of low glycemic foods for your diabetic dog, which gives it even more bonus points from me.

Royal Canin offers veterinarian-prescribed diets for a variety of ailments that dogs suffer from. One of its most popular veterinary diets is for dogs who struggle with controlling glucose in their bodies, like diabetic dogs.

Although this requires a prescription from your vet, it’s absolutely worth asking your vet about. The Glycobalance formula focuses on packing in a balance of soluble and insoluble fiber to help control glucose levels and limit spiking.

This canned food can help attract picky eaters and get them on a more frequent feeding schedule to better control glucose levels.

How Do I Know What to Feed a Diabetic Dog?

The best dog food for dogs with diabetes is one with plenty of fiber to aid in digestion and a low glycemic index. You obviously don’t want to add extra sugar to a diet for a dog who has trouble processing the sugar in his body.

The best food for diabetic dog companions should also contain high protein content from real meat rather than cheaper protein sources. The majority of the dog’s calories from his food should be from animal protein. The food should be low in carbohydrates, like potatoes and oatmeal.

However, you should be careful if you decide to make the switch to grain-free dog food to avoid excess carbohydrates. Unfortunately, many of these compensate for the lack of grains with other carbohydrates, like peas and tapioca, which can have an even higher carb content.

Final Thoughts​

These 5 best foods for diabetic dogs are excellent choices in terms of ingredients and protein, fat, and fiber content. Diabetic dogs, like humans, need to have a controlled diet with healthy ingredient choices and limited calories. Avoiding excess carbohydrates that turn into sugar in the body if not absorbed quickly can significantly help your diabetic dog.

The 5 dog foods I’ve reviewed are low glycemic formulas that leave out unnecessary carbs and grains. Instead, they pack in quality animal proteins and antioxidant rich ingredients that improve overall health. They also increase fiber content, and keep your diabetic dog in the best possible shape.

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