ASPCA on the West Coast: Saving Hope

ASPCA on the West Coast: Saving Hope

The ASPCA’s West Coast team continues to make a resounding difference for the most at-risk pets in the city of Los Angeles. Through Relocation, Spay/Neuter, and Safety Net initiatives, we are not only helping save lives—we are doing so in record numbers.

Although we’ve reached some incredible milestones in 2016, it’s important to remember that those achievements are more than just statistics. The 20,000+ spay/neuter operations we have performed are helping more pets live healthy lives, while each one of the 10,000+ animals we have relocated face a much greater chance at adoption in their new cities than they ever did in L.A.; in fact, many are already in safe, loving homes.

What’s more, our Los Angeles Safety Net team has helped keep more than 10,000 families together with their pets in the face of costly medical procedures, housing issues, behavioral problems, mandatory sterilization laws and other barriers. One such case arrived in the form of a one-and-a-half year old Shepherd mix named, fittingly, Hope.

The Safety Net team first met Hope this summer when the Lewis family came to surrender her at Baldwin Park Animal Care Center. The Lewises had been forced to leave their home in Hacienda Heights and move into an apartment complex, and although Ms. Lewis had found a place that would allow Hope to stay with them, she was unable to afford the security deposit and additional $30 on rent. Ms. Lewis searched for almost two weeks to find a way to keep Hope at home with her daughters, but unfortunately, she could not come up with the money to ensure that Hope could stay.

The family was devastated. They arrived at Baldwin Park with frowns on their faces, but as they walked up to the front doors, ASPCA Safety Net Manager Miguel Torres intervened. “I approached them and asked them if they would consider receiving help with the deposit from the ASPCA to keep Hope at home,” Miguel recalls.

Thrilled with the offer, Ms. Lewis immediately called her property manager and pleaded with her to work with the ASPCA to help keep her beloved pet. “The manager spoke with me and we came to an understanding of the process,” Miguel says. “Ms. Lewis could not keep her tears back and started to cry. She kept thanking the ASPCA and team for helping her.” Soon after, Hope was on her way to the groomers and then to her new home.

Thanks to the ASPCA Safety Net team, Hope never had to face the uncertainty of life in a shelter. Instead, this precious pup ended up right where she always belonged: with the family who loves her.

Hope and her family.

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