ASPCA Happy Tails: A Perfect Home for Paysley

ASPCA Happy Tails: A Perfect Home for Paysley

For a little pit bull puppy named Paysley, life hasn’t always been easy. By the time she was just four months old, Paysley had lived in three homes—and one Adoption Center—in the New York City area. But this rambunctious little pup was determined to make it, and now she’s living the good life she deserves. Here is Paysley’s Happy Tail.

Paysley and her four siblings, Payton, Pippin, Portland and Patzy, were born in April 2014. Their mother’s owner was not expecting a litter of puppies, and was unable to care for them or give them the attention they needed. At the tender age of five weeks, all five puppies were rescued by the ASPCA.

At the ASPCA Animal Hospital, Paysley and her siblings were treated for a number of health issues, including hookworm and coccidiosis (a parasitic infection). Paysley herself was suffering from a urinary tract infection and had frequent accidents. The pups were spayed/neutered, and at the end of July, they moved into the ASPCA Adoption Center to begin their search for forever homes.

On July 31, Paysley was adopted—but after a couple of weeks, Paysley’s new adopter realized that she couldn’t handle a rowdy young puppy. She was preparing to return Paysley to the ASPCA when a coworker named Rachel expressed interest in the dog. Rachel asked if she could take Paysley for a Saturday as a sort of “test date,” and by the end of the day, she had fallen in love. On August 14, Paysley was officially transferred into Rachel’s care.

“I wanted to give her a chance to flourish in a loving, secure home,” Rachel says. She changed Paysley’s name to Isabeau, and the two have been inseparable ever since. “Isabeau has a great personality, is very social and she is adorable!” she adds.

Though Isabeau was barely four months old at the time, Rachel’s apartment was already her third home. Fortunately, she settled in easily. “There wasn’t any adjustment time—she made herself right at home,” Rachel says. “She is great to be around and is very affectionate. She is energetic and loves to play and is a great addition to my life!”

We are so grateful that Isabeau’s story worked out, and her four siblings have found happy homes as well. It was a long journey for such a young dog, but ultimately, she ended up exactly where she belongs.

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