10 Ways Horses Are Just Like Your Dogs and Cats!

10 Ways Horses Are Just Like Your Dogs and Cats!


Friday April 26 marks the ASPCA’s Help a Horse Day, a day where we encourage everyone to find a way to help our equine friends in need. And while horses may not be your first thought when you think of companion animals, we bet there are some striking similarities between horses and your furry friends like dogs and cats. See below for our top 10 ways horses are just like your pets:

1. They love giving smooches to their favorite people!

2. Horses appreciate a nice snack.

3. They give new meaning to the term “horsing around.”

4. They also know how to ham it up!

5. Equine friends love to get comfy.

6. Horses can be friends with all sorts of animals.

7. Blep! Horses celebrate “tongue out Tuesdays” just like their fluffier counterparts.

8. Horses watch over you because they love you so much!

9. They can rock cool haircuts. (Even bangs!)

10. They get rescued by the ASPCA!

Whether they are running, enjoying a snack or basking in affections from humans, horses have always proven to be incredible companion animals. As we honor Help a Horse Day, we hope you’ll be a friend to horses near you. Find equine rescue groups that are participating in the ASPCA’s Help a Horse Home Challenge, a two-month contest aimed at finding more good homes for horses, and see how you can get involved where you are.


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