10 Fun and Easy Dog Tricks You Can Teach Your Pup at Home

10 Fun and Easy Dog Tricks You Can Teach Your Pup at Home

10 Fun and Easy Dog Tricks You Can Teach Your Pup at Home

With the right amount of practice, you can teach your dog virtually any trick. Click here for 10 fun and easy dog tricks you can teach your pup at home.

There are over 78 million dogs living with families in the United States.

But making your smart boy the life of a party could be as easy as giving him an amusing direction. Are you looking for some fun and interesting dog tricks to teach your furry friend?

Keep reading below for our top ten!

1. Take a Bow

By taking a bow, your dog will put his chest to the ground and keep his rear end up. This is a good trick to start with because it is actually natural dog behavior. You will see it commonly when dogs are playing together.

2. Shake Hands – One of the Most Common Dog Tricks

This is a very easy trick to teach. Most dogs will do it without much prompting. It can also be a fun way for your dog to meet new people at the door. You can likely get your dog shaking paws in only a short amount of time.

Put out a closed fist with a treat inside. Your dog will naturally start to paw at it. While he is doing this, use the command “Shake.” Your dog will then learn to do this behavior on command.

3. Kiss

Your dog may naturally like to slobber all over you, but you can teach them to give you a kiss on demand. This trick is popular with small children.

Teach your pup this trick using a small treat. Place it on your cheek and say “Kiss.” Soon enough your dog will learn to kiss your cheek when they hear the phrase.

4. Spin

This can be another fun trick for young friends or family members. It might seem a bit complicated but it’s very simple. Hold a treat by your dog’s nose and lead him into a spinning motion.

To impress your friends and family, even more, try teaching your dog the difference between right and left.

5. Speak

While a good party trick to teach your dog, teaching your dog to speak or bark on command can be helpful in dealing with problematic barking.

6. Roll Over

Teaching your dog to roll over requires repetition. As you continue to practice this trick, your dog will improve. Try teaching this trick in three parts. Start with getting your dog laying down using a treat to lure him down.

Next get him on his side by moving the treat to his side. Finally, move the treat slowly to his other side to get him to roll over.

This is a good base for other tricks.

7. Play Dead

This will take more patience and practice. Use a clicker and treats to lure him into place. Consider starting with the end of the trick.

8. Sit Pretty

This trick is popular because it poses your dog for fun pictures. It can also be a great core exercise. Be careful though. Make sure your dog is healthy and able to do this type of trick.

9. Stand on Hind Legs

This is sometimes called “beg.” This can be a cute trick where your dog is asking up on his back legs for a treat. Some dogs will learn this easier than others.

10. Fetch

Fetch is a great trick and game for your dog to learn. Some dogs will not be interested right away. Be patient with them until they learn how to play properly.

Fetch can be an important part of keeping your dog healthy through exercise.

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